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New Website

Design and production of new website for Canny Conversations Podcast, web hosting and ongoing website optimisation.

Client:Canny Conversations

Canny Conversations Podcast website is the brainchild of Safaraz Ali.  Safaraz is a social entrepreneur and founder of Pathway Group, a business with focus on training, educating and career development. Safaraz is the author of the hugely successful  Canny Bites Books Series the idea being to provide business tricks and tips in ‘Canny Bites’ of advice for anyone, in any business!

Canny Bites Podcast web site has grown considerably from the initial brief, with updates being made on an ongoing basis. Originally designed to showcase Safaraz’s first series of podcasts, it soon became apparent that the popularity of the site meant that more podcasts were recorded with links to all channels.

As well as the Podcasts and Canny Bites books, a series of videos has been recorded, utilising the same great subject matter as the popular books, with short video bites, each with a different subject matter relating to business, leadership and entrepreneurship.


More about the site production process.

The new website was planned initially to showcase a series of Podcasts, on completion of this stage – the site was so well received and had to evolve into a more comprehensive business resource. 

expressive design planned the design and build process, with page designs presented for approval and additional ideas for the overall website structure and functionality, utilisation of a content management system and recommended on-site security measures.

With a second series of Canny Conversations imminent, a website staging process was planned for ease of transition from the previously produced live website – to the updated version, with all podcast icons designed by us also.

The site came together quickly, with a number of collaborative video conference meetings and face to face planning sessions where possible.