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Digital Marketing. Bringing it all together.

Digital Marketing by expressive design incorporates a combination of all of our services, comprising copy written content, video, social media, design for web (including images and logos), SEO, Google Ads and more. So to put things into perspective here is a brief synopsis of our services to help your business get to market online:

expressive design Copywriting

Digital MarketingCreating killer headlines and call to action is key. We can create copy for advertising, websites, brochures and video with the experience and honest advice you need.  Read More.

expressive design Logo Design

Digital MarketingVisual identity, branding and corporate consistency all playing their part in harmony for your business. Stand out from your competitors with a strong and unique brand.  Read More.

expressive design Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Marketing

It’s not all about cheating to get to the highest position possible on search results, it’s about doing the right thing for the best position consistently and ethically. Read More.

expressive design Video Production

Digital Marketing

Working hand-in-hand with videographers, we write, direct and bring your corporate videos to a digital marketing strategy to ensure your message is clear. 

expressive design Website Design & Development

Digital MarketingWe have designed and delivered hundreds of sites across all sectors and markets, collaboratively and directly for small & large, national and international clients. Read More.

expressive design Social Media

Digital MarketingIt’s all about creating content that people love to share. SM is all about collaboration and getting involved, staying in touch with your clients and prospective clients on a more personal level.

expressive design Google Ads

Previously known as PPC or ‘Pay per click’ advertising, we can help you to leverage and understand the best ways to promote your business on Google. Often paying for website traffic via Google’s ad system can bring much quicker results for short-term sales.

expressive design Email Marketing

With new and emerging technologies and means of communication, email for business can still bring results. We can manage your data ethically and securely, manage opt-ins and opt-outs as well as sending & reporting on email marketing results.

Whatever your market or sector, expressive design digital marketing can work for you and your team.

Sometimes a growing business needs extra help to advise, implement and plan any marketing. We have experience working with individuals and teams in many size of organisation. Every business is different but there are common factors that can make a big difference if consistently considered.

Digital MarketingWith a minefield of information freely available to all and the ability of micro businesses to reach even higher by leveraging technology to achieve even greater results, the competition can be fierce.
It pays to get an understanding of what is possible and by what means. Digital marketing can help any business to reach even further  with traceable results and even competitor analysis. After all, intelligence is key to get the edge.
Get in touch and let’s have a chat to see how technology could help your business.