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Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation has never been more important to get an online presence, but with millions of searches being carried out on an hourly basis, how can you be found in a market place that is becoming more competitive by the minute?

Search Engines represent years of research and collection of data which in turn ‘improves the search relevancy’ for visitors to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask and Baidu to name just a few.

Basically, our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.

Larry Page – Co-founder, Google

How is Search engine optimisation Relevant?

Once your web site is live, the next big challenge is SEO or search engine optimisation, the idea is to ensure your website appears in search engines under relevant searches carried out by potential customers. 

Keywords or phrases that would be used to find a relevant search by any one of the above search engines are ranked by popularity, algorithms are used to determine this taking into account a large number of factors. 

There are no short cuts and no SEO company can guarantee a page one, position one result for a specific keyword or service without putting in the work on a regular and consistent basis.

Web design Solihull - Fixed wheel Brewery by expressive design
search engine optimisation

How expressive design can help you to be more SEO savvy.

We start with an initial web site audit to get an understanding of a number of factors relating to your web site; competitor analysis relating to the keywords that would best describe your product or service and setting benchmarks for deliverability.

Our approach is simple, using a combination of on-page and off-page optimisation techniques we can work together with you or your marketing department to constantly measure results and changes in keyword demands.

We believe in educating to give you an understanding of how the strategy is being implemented and regular updates to ensure you are kept fully informed.

the Importance of regular on-page activity

The importance of a well maintained and regularly updated web site can’t be stressed enough.

Once your website is on a crawl list, with plenty of good quality internal and external anchor links, regular maintenance is crucial. This could be as little as creating new, regular web site copy such as blog posts or new web pages. This will encourage web crawlers to visit the site on a regular basis, looking for new updated content to ensure the sites cached pages are as up to date as they can be on search results.

Expressive design can work with you to formulate the right strategy for you and your business, we work within your site and also manage Google Ad listings, helping you to find the right monthly budgets and where not to spend!