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Website ongoing design, website hosting and digital marketing comprising SEO on and off page, working closely with charity’s trustees regarding strategy, direction and delivery.

Client:The James Brindley Foundation

The James Brindley Foundation was launched following the tragic murder of James Brindley in 2017. Walking home alone late at night, James was murdered in a completely unprovoked and cowardly knife attack, by assailants who weren’t known to him.

The James Brindley Foundation, a registered charity run by James’s family and professionals in education and social services, is seeking to end youth violence, particularly knife crime, through the delivery of educational programmes into schools and colleges, local authority youth and children’s services and police, prison and probation services. The James Brindley Full Circle Programme, addresses the root causes of antisocial and criminal behaviours in eight interrelated key subject areas and develops pro-social interests, self-confidence, consequential thinking and problem solving skills in order to divert young people away from a life within the criminal justice system. 

expressive design are proud to be involved with the James Brindley Foundation. We host their website, manage and design all web site content, optimisation and links between the digital marketing online and social media. The website is an ongoing project, with new additions and functionality being added all the time, for the purposes of delivering the educational programmes, raising awareness of all the issues surrounding youth offending, fundraising and collaborating with and inspiring others, to lend a helping hand with their mission, to end youth violence with a full stop.

More about the James Brindley Foundation.

At the heart of their work, is the ambition to bring about positive social change, through a transformation in the public ‘collective mood’ which recognises the need for absolute urgency, in addressing youth violence. They believe that, when everyone accepts personal responsibility for those around them, inevitably, violence will be reduced and ultimately, lives saved.

They are applying long term strategic thinking, to achieve their overall objective, through the public health approach to youth violence; but they also recognise the need for immediate responses from government, and other key agencies, to provide short term measures to curb anti-social behaviours and to promote pro-social behaviour. The James Brindley Foundation website, together with their media activity, is crucial to a desire, to take part in and influence the national conversation, in order to galvanise action.

To be financially independent, the Foundation hold fundraising events throughout the year, which allows them to invest in the development and implementation of ‘social learning,’ through their educational programmes. They also train professionals within partner organisations and key agencies, to deliver their programmes to children, young people and families, within their own working environments.

Fundraising events are fun, social and are for everyone to enjoy. The Foundation welcomes anyone wishing to undertake fundraising activities of their own and will provide advice and assistance in the organisation of an event.

The James Brindley Foundation survives through the generosity of others, who believe in what they do. Please lend them your support and a helping hand, to make our country a safer place, for all.

We are Proud to support

James Brindley Foundation

the James Brindley Foundation was formed by the family of James Brindley after his tragic death following a completely unprovoked knife attack. The foundation led by Mark Brindley is trying to make changes to the law and support young people before they get involved in violent youth crime.