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catalogue Design

60 page catalogue for G&H Brassware, Design concepts through to print ready artwork.

Client:G&H Brassware

G and H Brassware Catalogue.

G and H Brassware Catalogue was redesigned from the ground up, utilising a previously printed copy to give us a flavour of the nature of G&H’s offering, coupled with the new branding we had already delivered, the start of the process was a thorough briefing at the G&H Brassware office in Worcester.

The previous brochure had been a valuable resource and although massively out of date was still being utilised as a reference for sales with G&H and their clients.

With so many changes in the range of sockets and switches and the arrival of newer modular socket systems for cable, ethernet and data a new guide was necessary.

The initial part of the process was to provide a number of design visuals for covers, inner spreads and technical data. Once these were approved we worked with G&H to get all codes, technical information and new photography of products, with key meetings in the diary at different stages the catalogue was provided print-ready, an online version was also created.

The final catalogue consisted of 60 pages with each of the types of socket and switch plate divided into different sections, the codes for each of these were then added into a technical key at the back of the catalogue to use as a reference, this made things much easier for ‘over the phone’ orders with customers able to accurately quote the references from the product key.

It’s a joy to see the whole team getting behind a new brand and following this through onto packaging, catalogues and web also.


expressive design have produced a number of catalogues and brochures requiring creativity, technical ability and attention to detail for finished artwork ready to print, we have also managed the whole print process for our clients requiring a complete solution from end-to-end.

The process can be a challenge, this is where experience is a must, if you are considering production of a catalogue for your business, give us a call.