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Train your staff

Train your staff to create new content, update blog posts and even add products for ecommerce.

Creating a new website is one thing, however knowing how to train your staff to update it is quite another. Expressive design can help with training individuals or teams to make updates to your site to ensure news, blogs and services are updated regularly. 

We specialise in building wordpress websites and even though we may not have built your site, it is still possible to give your team the knowledge they need to ensure your site is kept as up to date as possible, or refresher training in case it has been a while!

There are a huge number of different types of wordpress installations, and with such a diverse range of styles and functions, as well as back-end systems it can be difficult to navigate your way around any number of items as well as managing the day to day running of business. Even if we haven’t built the website for you, chances are the systems used are very familiar to us so it’s worth having an initial conversation.

Expressive Design has helped many businesses in a consulting capacity to train small teams and assist with ad-hoc requests for specific training needs. An ecommerce website is a great example of an additional marketing channel, however there are many aspects that need to be considered including stock management, staffing and time! If you haven’t thought of an ecommerce solution for your business, you may be missing a trick and the opportunity to earn while you sleep.

Any new responsibility can be daunting so don’t worry, we can help. Get in touch with us below and let’s have an initial conversation

We’re here if you need us and we can train our staff – also take a look at our web design services and web hosting.


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